What we can do for you.


StartBrand work with Solicitors locally in Cardiff offering Company Formation aswell as Nationally, we provide incorporation services to professionals in the capital, aswell as private individuals all over the UK.


Our packages are competitive and we offer Complete Formations which include full company registration with Companies House in Cardiff and our prices are inclusive of Government registration fees and other charges.


Our specialized team of solicitors and experienced staff are on hand throughout the process to give advise to any questions that may need answering.


Our support staff are Solicitors, Accountants and Business Consultants whom have the knowledge to assist you and advise you in all matters in forming a UK Company through Companies House.


All start ups are welcome to contact us about any matters relating to starting a company.


We also give you the added benefit of free business consultation for the first 30 days to guide you through all aspects of starting your business.


We will be introducing soon financial advise for businesses looking for help acquiring funding.


Businesses may require extra cash flow and may need flexible business loans to help them through difficult times. Obtaining business loans can be time-consuming and an arduous affair, therefore Startbrand will be partnering with high street institutions that can schedule and remove some of the burden of applying.


Whether you are starting a limited company, operating as a sole trader or partnership, deciding how to trade will be one of the decisions which is required to be made when starting a new business and might be carried out by our Business Consultation Team.


Trading Titles Include:


Limited companies

Sole trader businesses


Limited Liability Partnerships

Unlimited companes

Joint Ventures


Important Factors Which Influence the Choice of Trading Title.


Factors are usually influenced by the choice of how you wish to trade by considering both tangible (for example tax savings and benefits) as well perceived advantages such as the owner’s personal management. It is usually possible to later transfer the commercial activities to a different trading title.


Other considerations which might be created are additional expense and disruption in changing from a sole trader to a limited company. These might include the reprinting of business stationery to include a company number and registered office and the advice and work of an Accountant to ensure that undue tax liabilities did not arise during the transition.

All business have an element of planning and forethought as to where the comapny will be in the future.


Starting up any new company involves some element of risk irrespective or how good the products or services are.


Our team of Business Consultants, Accountants and Solicitors will make your business a smooth operation giving you room to develop you brand and start to trade with relative ease.

Company Formation


What we can do for you.


Our clients benefit from:


*Only paying for registration


In some case your application may not successful you are under no obligations should this occur and will have absolutely nothing to pay.


Our unique money back guarantee is offered on most applications


UK registration from under £465


With all advice by legally qualified solicitors.


Our legal team are supplied with official and up to date information from both the UK's Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)


This ensues that the trademark registration searches are maticulous, up to date and secure. Our trade mark solicitors have decades of experience in registering trademarks and this experience has been employed to build an effective market leading system. At StartBrand we pride ourselves on our customer service so that the registration of a trademark process is as processed quickly and efficiantly.


EU Registration £390

Trademark Registration

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