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SmartBrand is a division of UK Website Designers and RM Photography. We we have been established since 1993. We have been helping businesses grow from the ground up. We advertise branded domains on our platform.


The branded domains are a service where we design logos at no extra charge.


Unlike all other Domain Marketplaces we go a step further to form a business and a brand, giving you value for money.

  • Niche Research
  • Brand Sourcing
  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting
  • Company Registration
  • Marketing

Startbrand advertise your Domain Name/Brand on affiliated websites, social media networks and search engines. We use link wheels and our marketing professionals manage press, promotions and public relations to maximise the viewing power from potential buyers to expedite the domain sale.


We do not charge for creating a logo as this is part of our service. We do offer a website creation to be added to your price of the domain plus company registration fees if applicable.


By providing a list of brandable domain names that are available for sale on our market place we aim to do the hard work for you so you don't have too.


What is a "brandable" domain name?


The definition for a brand name is sometimes related to non-keyword domain names that have no specific meaning, yet are short and easy to remember. Sometimes keyword related domains also make a stand like 'Startbrand'. Whilst not all names have a direct description to the company or product, instead they influence qualities that are important to your business.


Popular brands like Apple, Google, Facebook etc are recognized by their name. Whilst Mobilephones, Searchengine and Socialmedia have a more broad desscription.


When branding remember a brand starts with a memorable name, but the brand will become popular overtime and with marketing, therefore search engines prefer keywords to brand names. Afterall a brand name is unique and new to you whilst a keyword has been searched for a hundred times over or thousands of times in some cases. Therefore in SEO terms your domain will rank quicker if it is keyword related.


Start your business dream today in just 5 simple easy steps.


1) Decide what niche you wish to work in. When choosing your niche decide if this is a passion you can devote all your time too.



2) Choose a Name / Brand for your Business. You can either lease the Brand or pay for it outright and the best part is we will give you a head start for the first 30 days. No need to part with any money until then.



3) Develop your Business. Decide on getting your website developed. Get your business off the ground. Let the world know you are open for business. Have our team mentor you for the first 30 days for free. We consult you every step of the way.



4) Company Formation. Registering a Partnership or Limited Company has an absolute minefield of information and can be very daunting process for the first time serial entrepreneurs. Therefore we take to stress out of filing forms.



5) Trademark your brand whether it is a word or image, whilst protecting your property and making it unique.



What you get in all Brand Packages:



1) Domain Name


2) Logo/Brand


3) Marketing


4) Seo


5) Business Consultation



Domain Names / Brand Only - Prices varies from Seller to Seller, therefore if you have picked a niche just browse through our Portfolio to see if there is anything that appeals to you and we will do the rest.




Research Your Industry



Secure Your Domain



Develop Your Brand



Market Your Business


Domain Brokering



Website Design



Graphic Design



Business Consulting






Search Engine Optimization



Press Releases



Content Writing



Image Editing



Virtual Assistance



Company Formation



Trademark Registration




Selling a Business Name on StartBrand


What kind of names do you accept for listing?


We are looking primarily for either non-keyword, short and catchy names or one or two keyworded domains. Pronunciation should be straightforward.


Consider names that can be remembered easily.


If the name has a keyword, it should apply to a popular industry, or be broad enough to apply to several different business types.


We approve domains with keywords, however they should not be seperated with a hyphen or underscore.


We do not accept domains with keyword combinations of more than three words.


Your domain name will be processed for approval and our experienced team of Domain Brokers will upon their sole discretion make the final desicion if your domain gets approved.


We will then design a logo for your brand free of charge unless you provide one to us.


How do I submit my domains for listing?


To submit your names for review, please go to our store where you will find a listing option which will take you to the checkout.


You will receive an email with the results as soon as they have been reviewed by our team.


Please note that we only list domains that are a good match for our marketplace.


What is the listing fee?


The listing fee for each name is £4.99. This is a one time fee paid only if your name is approved and you wish to proceed with listing it. This can be paid via Escrow or Stripe.


What is StartBrand commission?


StartBrand takes a 15% consignment fee of the selling price.


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